I live in Southern California, which means warm weather almost all year. I frequently travel to tropical places because of the relaxing climate and delicious food. However, I’ve recently traveled to northern parts of the U.S. and several European cities.

The problem is…it’s way too cold for me. If you knew me personally, you’d know that I completely shut down when exposed to temperatures below 72º F.

Through the years, I’ve learned the best practices to stay warm during my travels without overpacking. If you get cold as easily as I do, the tips below will help you stay warm and ready to tackle the city abroad!

Tip #1: Pack clothes you’ve worn at least once before.

Let me guess: you went on a shopping spree before your trip. YAY, that is one of the fun parts of a vacation! However, don’t even THINK about packing those new clothes until you’ve worn them out at least once. Nothing is worse than being stuck abroad with uncomfortable clothes, unable to swap them out with your closet thousands of miles away. Trust me on this one.

Tip #2:

Choose shoes that are multi-purpose. Waterproof, warm, comfortable, stylish (compatible with multiple outfits)

Sneak in a few thermal underlayers

Choose a down jacket

SCARF and BEANIE. Not all jackets have the best hoodies to keep that noggin and ears warm.


This is the time you can be fabulous.

Jeanelle Castro