Toasted Coconut Rice Cakes (Espasol)

Last week, I was massively craving espasol. During my childhood in the Philippines, I remember its mouthwatering toasted coconut flavor and chewy consistency (almost like mochi!). I remember my grandparents giving me espasol for merienda (afternoon snack), among the countless yummy snacks we had in the Philippines.

At one instance, I had the opportunity to try store-bought espasol a few years ago in California, only to taste huge disappointment. The espasol tasted like plastic, and barely had any of that toasted coconut flavor that I desperately craved!

I had to take matters in my own hands. There’s quite a few recipes floating around the internet and in my cookbooks, but I decided to take my favorite parts of each one to make my own espasol at home. Below is the recipe that I cooked; if you tried making this easy peasy recipe at home, PLEASE TELL ME YOU LOVED IT IN THE COMMENTS!