How To Make Ube Mochi Waffles | Purple Yam Moffles Recipe

Nothing symbolizes weekend mornings better than stacks of waffles. You know what I mean? You wake up, meet up with friends for breakfast or brunch, and order a FAT STACK OF WAFFLES (I equally love pancakes too).

However, I’m sad that I cannot find a place here in Orange County that serves MOCHI WAFFLES, aka MOFFLES. When I stayed in Hawaii for a couple of months, we had several options nearby that would serve mochi waffles.

- Mochi waffles topped with lilikoi (passionfruit) syrup

- Mochi waffles topped with guava compote

- Mochi waffles topped with UBE GLAZE

To make the withdrawals less painful, I crafted this recipe for all of us to make at home!

Watch the video above to see how to make them at home, and ENJOY YOUR MOFFLES!

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